saw it coming *shrugs*

Dianne quits Xandria.

About time, I say. Herr M.Heubaum rotates his minions only a bit slower than DAZ3D puts out a new base figure line.

This even prompted Lisa Middelhauve to remember she still has a well-followed fb page. Damn, any update from Lisa is good, even if its just a tell-it-like-it-is. Great reading. She’s a character.

…I grew up on Deep Purple and related bands. All those Rainbows, Whitesnakes and the like. And then there were other British bands, the “art/prog” ones: Van der Graaf Generator, King Crimson, Asia, jne jne. You don’t need a degree in music history to know that lineup changes are the norm in that scene, and drama abounds.

So I’m more surprised when any given band remains a cohesive unit for any considerable period since they enter the spotlight. Three singers in 30+ years? Spooky stable!! As you can see, some go through as many in only ten!