you’d think I’d have figured it out sooner

I’ve been busy doing some job-related stuff interspersed with subtly cosplaying the key part of what defined Dorian Hawkmoon’s existence for quite a while (i.e. throbbing headache and dizzy spells, duh) and finally playing the original Witcher (figured I still didn’t have the manual memorised as well as I´d hoped, but hooray for tablets). // which got me thinking: if Xurge3D next to copied Geralt’s ingame outfit… did any architecture-oriented content artist do a Kaer Morhen clone? After all, it’s a staple of all the Witcher games… //

And of course I was listening to music.

And somewhere during a very Hawkmoon moment I flipped between Blind Guardian and Van der Graaf Generator, and I finally realised the connection.

Hansi and Peter sound eerily alike.

As much as a German “prog metal” singer born in 1966 and a British “prog rock” performer born in 1948 can sound alike, of course.