can’t figure it out ATM…

…what exactly the refrain reminds me of, but the whole song is on the level of the Cleanse the Bloodlines one – legit melodeath rather than that “flower/core” blend their stuff sounded like on the previous albums. Partly I guess it’s because of improved guitar tone, but the whole songwriting approach has shifted, and I applaud the move.

The lyric vid itself, though… *shakes head* Yeah it’s legible, but the yellow sans font is kinda ridiculous in the context. And why all the vertigo-inducing motion, huh? Cuz trendy?


now we’re getting serious

Brand new UtA vid!

If it’s any indication of the other songs off the upcoming album, this may well become a yet another awesome release. You can say that I kept complaining that UtA write formulaic music, and this isn’t exactly 259% new ground they’re breaking here either, but hey! It’s fairly new for them. Yes it’s very much Nordic melodeath underneath the melody line – which does tend to be repetitive in and out of itself in large doses; nevertheless, we haven’t yet had a chance to overdose on Ms Slayes vocals in this particular genre.


UtA’s new video…

…is better than many metal videos out there.

But of course, the selling point is Brit’s vocals. She almost does scare me off in this one because she goes too damn high too damn often and never dials down on the distortion, but since she’s been singing long-term classical choir mezzo soprano parts, she does retain the musicality (unlike many less trained singers).

I still wish they wrote less formulaic music, though. Or she did more session work.

only two steps left towards perfection

No, really, they’d trump just about any “up-and-coming” competition in the genre if they only did two things:

a) lost the male growlers/screamers and had Brittney do the harsh vocals herself (c’mon, she has the breath support already, it’s just a couple of lessons away)

b) did something to either production or their guitar tone. I’m generally a guitar-indifferent person, but lately I’m noticing I’ve become a bit allergic to guitars that sound too “syrupy” for their genre. C’mon, it isn’t the 80s anymore.

wrong fandom but force aplenty

Isn’t that one of the best voices in metal? And I checked out a few live bootlegs – she can do that for real.

That’s Brittney “Slayes” Hayes, and she’s my age. No idea where she has been hiding from me for all these years – probably because it’s not exactly the sort of _music_ I enjoy. She even guested on the same John Yelland’s release as Hansi, but on a different track (the one I obviously didn’t buy).

Looks like I may be eventually able to get into some of their other (earlier, most likely) stuff, like this one:

But of course I hope one day she’ll guest on something more easily accessible. To my specific ears, I mean.