nasty feminist convictions getting in the way

So I felt like checking out Ardour – since it’s that Big Open-Source DAW and you can get it almost for free if you’re on Windows (and for free if you’re on Linux AFAIK).

The UI is ugly as hell (all Fashionably Dark ™; when is this fad going to end?!), but there’s always hope for reskinning. Either way.

The website is best used with an account; okay; and then I click around and find this:

… Ardour development is driven primarily by the interests of just a few people. Development is a full time job for the lead developer, who also raises a three kids, fixes up his house, has friends and even a relationship with a gorgeous woman.


I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only person in the world who gets majorly disappointed at seeing that. Maybe it’s a perfectly normal human way to describe their relationships, referring to the looks of their partner as THE definitive trait.


But this has killed all my enthusiasm for now. Maybe I’ll wind down and go back. Maybe.