possible semi-solution to Poser “error 2032″disappearing library thing


This is my thread on the DAZ forums, where a user posted other tips (which didn’t work for me) and I posted a workaround I discovered.

Actually I probably like it even more – when using the library from Firefox, the icons are much bigger.


HOW-TO: enhance DS-only Genesis clothing with draping morphs using Poser

If you are, like me, primarily a DS user who also happens to have Poser but is not much of an expert on using it, this step-by-step guide may be helpful.

It’s about making Genesis clothing that lacks draping morphs (like many freebies do) look a bit more natural. The best way would be, of course, to do a proper animated drape, but somehow it can be way too tricky to set up. So here’s a bit of a cheat.

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