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it’s no secret…

…that the majority of my music collection is something that is loosely called “female fronted metal” – although how much “metal” there is in that music, now that’s the question. But who cares as long as it’s good, right?

I was listening to one of these 100% free and legit promo compilations and found a band with a singer of the type I call “interesting” (who does stand out from the average crowd) – an outfit from Slovenia called As Winter Falls.

Here you can listen to their free EP, and here you can download it in high quality, in case you like it enough.

There was that Dutch melodeath/thrash band Why She Kills with two female singers who also had a free EP on their website, but that was almost ten years ago; the site is down now, and Wayback Machine carries no downloads.

You can listen to their work on their myspace page, though – but bear in mind they changed their singers between the EPs. The styles are similar, but I personally prefer the “clean” singer off first one, Of Hope and Suffocation (pity the first track off it isn’t up, and I can’t find it on youtube either). Metal-archives doesn’t offer many hints as to what happened to her later, but the growler is still active – this is her newest band that is about to release an album. The tracks on their soundcloud aren’t bad, but I generally get somewhat bored when there is no “clean” vocals in songs.

The best, of course, is a singer who handles everything seamlessly… someone like Helen Vogt who re-interprets her own “clean” studio track in a blisteringly amazing way live here (and no, Flowing Tears have no free promo material, sadly; they’re a bit old for that and, well, even more sadly effectively disbanded). And she has some of the most spectacular low notes in “female fronted metal”.