Speaking of Kai Hansen and Blind Guardian…

…I definitely cannot overlook the fact that when they collaborate, it’s nothing of a surprise, and yet – it is always great to hear (and see) them together.

This a live version of an old BG song that was originally recorded with Kai doing guest vocals, but obviously usually Hansi performs it alone. And this time, Kai was there and joined the band onstage. They look to be having so much fun, the mood’s contagious =)

There is also Jon Schaffer (the guy in shorts) there, but he’s not really the focal point of the performance =)

Yes I tend to prefer live versions to studio ones, even when the quality is not that stellar. Studio recording (arranging, performing, actual recording, mixing, mastering…) is an art of its own, one I equally appreciate, but if a song can be played live, then it should. Because then, it truly lives. Pardon the silly pun.

Then, there is that studio track from Gamma Ray’s 1995 album that Hansi does a cameo on. It’s an acoustic ballad, and a damn good one, IMO. Even those who aren’t fans of metal could check it out.