I’m not actually paid for this

But I will keep plugging this little program whenever I can because, well, it’s awesome.


My paranoid self has tried loads of various backup software. They all are okay for backing up a few large files, but when it comes to something like Poser/DS runtime with its thousands of tiny files… it’s a nightmare.

Now, this program does this particular thing truly fast. It slows down on larger files – so if you back up movies or something, you are probably better off with something else. But runtimes… a breeze. Especially when you are just syncing, but it’s faster than anything else even when it’s the first time you back up a folder.

Subfolders are supported, too. Just point it to the content library and to your backup drive. That’s all!

Besides, you don’t have to keep track of a number of presets if you use a lot of different folders: the program is portable and small; it simply installs a copy of itself into your backup folder, so you just run in from there and it has all the paths already specified.

So, would you please check Fast-Backup out, folks. It’s free. There is a Pro version with a couple extra options, but these are just options. The basic functionality is there.