Not the stuff you’d talk about with the TES lore community, pt. 1

As much as I love the contributions that a certain ex-dev by the name of Michael Kirkbride made to the “official” TES and to the TES community creations, it saddens me that it created a sort of an “elitist rift” in the community.

The most 1337 of leets are those who only read fanfics that are often not supposed to be called fanfics but some other fanciful words (c0da, anyone?). Those fanfics, if ever narrative, tend to be written in a similarly “incomprehensible” style and deal with “incomprehensible” subject matter. // i.e. what MK generally calls “incomprehensible” – things beyond the average thinking range of a more or less functional very white very NorthAmerican very male individual, thank you very much; MK tradition seems to attribute this ‘transmundane’, for lack of a better word, experience to “non-humans”, claiming “humans” are unable to “understand”/”comprehend” (with these particular terms never precisely defined) “non-humans”, including “cats” and “elves” (but MK, who thinks himself “human”, somehow _can_ write this “incomprehensible” POV – huh?) – in short, this “incomprehensibility theory” is easily debunked by anyone with decent logical skills and enough knowledge of contemporary philosophy, psychology, natural sciences and cultural studies, but: you will never prove your point to MK and those who fell victims to this faulty – but oh so everyday – reasoning (keyword: dehumanising; look it up; and yeah, rant over now) //

And while I love “incomprehensible” (because this is what I actually understand much better than the average everyday “human” POV); while I adore writers like Dinmenel

It should not be the end-all, be-all of a “good TES fanfic”.

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