supposing I were a Hollywood mogul…

…I’d remake this Soviet musical mini-series with English lyrics, starring Eric Balfour as D’Artagnan. I mean… eric20balfour20o920visionarios_xl

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An equally great idea would be to make a TV show about Glen Cook’s Garrett, P.I. – because (apart from height) Mr Balfour would make a perfect Morley Dotes (image stolen from the same interview).




I’m not sure if Garrett Files could lend themselves well to being made into a musical, though.

here; I’m feeling bad enough to post this song

It’s as depressing as it gets, you should be warned before you click. Nobody else ever went into this sort of bloody detail on this particularly nasty emotional state. Not in plain words like that, at least.

Born as Ghosts – Sweet Sixteen

This is about me.

Looking at Eric, I don’t think that any sort of success can truly cure this. You either carry this inside you, always risking to drown, or you don’t.

The highest hope from here is this.

But it’s not a happy song, either.


more pop rock, what a morning… Still CATCHY!!

Eric Balfour’s native Californian brand of pop rock isn’t that much different from the type HH play across the Atlantic (some would say that it’s because all musicians in the world are Jews; so what, even if it were true?); but most of his stuff is even darker in tone (and as you may have gathered, HH aren’t exactly happy all the time). This is as uplifting as it gets with Mr Balfour (but listen to the lyrics: not your generic love story fare).

My favourite song is another one, actually, but it’s just so damn depressing I’m not listening to it today!!

I just hope that Mr Balfour gets over his infatuation with sports apparel business and returns to the studio. I mean, for someone who maintains he’s “a musician first, an actor second”, a lone album dating back to frellin’ 2005 isn’t much of an impressive track record. All those demos floating around clearly indicate his evolution as a songwriter, so why not release something tangible at last? It’s not that it’s rocket science anymore. You don’t even need a label.

It probably bugs me that bad because I’d actually classify him among the better kinda singers, y’know. I hate it when people are gifted with an instrument like that but take it, like, for granted.