oh the balance

The lyric vid: just about perfect, nothing is jumping around, the font is legible yet not goddamn ugly.

The lyrics: yeah right, starting a song out with that sort of grammar blunder is so metal it hurts; and it’s not the only spot that makes me kinda fume. It’s 2017. You can learn English for free online. You can ask your native speaker friends to go through your lyrics and your pronunciation. Elisa, I love your voice, but this sloppy attitude to your working language is so 1992 it’s unforgivable. Makes me irrationally want to butcher some Spanish in return.

The music: flower/prog is what Elisa’s Hamka has always been about, but JB’s drums… supposing these are actual drums and not a sequencer… dude, either lose the triggers or use better samples. Or do something to your tracks when mixing.

But of course, the focal point is Elisa’s voice. And there’s no denying she’s one of the best metal vocalists ever.

Those drums, though, now talk about distracting.


you can’t go wrong with Elisa Candelas Martín

The dude who begins the song is merely okay, but Elisa totally rips here. I’m always happy to hear her – she’s one of my idols (can’t you hear why?!), but her studio output is rather limited (and over half of it is not available in Russia… thank Heavens this one is).

If I were a professional singer, I’d definitely go to Spain to study under Elisa without any hesitation. She’s one of those rare female vocalists in contemporary metal who actually sing in a metal style, y’know.

Fun part: I discovered Elisa for one simple reason – the same reason why I ever checked out Blind Guardian – her older band did a song based on Michael Moorcock’s books. This one…