update to the previous post

There is actually a Triangulate function right there in DS (Edit – Geometry, close to Convert to SubD). It’s not always the best option because dedicated modelers will often offer more algos, but still.


when dynamifying various DS content…

…like conforming clothing or your own meshes, you may find that the garment doesn’t want to drape nicely but has some sort of “jaggies” sticking out everywhere.

A lot of the time it’s because the geometry is in quads. A simple triangulation operation in any modeler will solve this. But make sure your modeler doesn’t break UVs while triangulating.

And another suggestion contrary to good practices in making meshes for actual rigging: your dynamic mesh should be crazy dense.

*tries to whistle innocently but fails*

I’m not much of a whistler. I’d rather show you an old Serge Marck freebie from the now-defunct PoserFashion, “dynamified” for DS =D Obviously, an animated drape is required because the item has no rigging.


I noticed a few quirks in that sometimes the dynamified prop seems to become “dynamically frozen” in the sense that wherever it is moved, it jumps to a fixed point when draping, a point which seems to correspond to the initial position of the “dynamified” prop. But it doesn’t happen all the time (actually kinda rarely).

All the tricks still apply to these “home-made” dynamics – say, it’s nice to subdivide the item beforehand, and then apply a smoothing modifier to the finished drape (there is one in this render).