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PS Here’s the video =) The best one in a long time. Made possible by fans backing up Doro’s Kickstarter project.



finally something definite

Doro Pesch: “Love’s Gone to Hell”… I think it’s coming out the first of April. It’s a maxi-single with two songs from the DVD on it … “Rock to Death” which is with Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian…[The DVD] is coming out in June and it’s called Strong and Proud – 30 Years of Rock and Metal.

They’d better make sure the single does come out on time; and that it’s on iTunes Russia the same date as for the rest of the world.


one band, two guests, two lead vocalists

There’s that Brazilian “progressive/power/symphonic/WTH metal” band called Angra. It’s damn good, musically speaking, but I’m not a fan of, like, most of their lead singers. Yes it’s one of those bands that does a Spinal Tap re:vocalists.

And it’s not because they’re bad. They’re actually consistently great. But great in the Bruce Dickinson/Roy Khan vein: in the sense I just can’t stand this particular type of voice. The timbres are not my cup of tea, and there are certain technical/stylistic aspects that I dislike.

But general technique-wise, they’re so damn good that one of them – Edu Falaschi – actually _doesn’t_ get all trumpled and overshadowed by none other than Hansi Kürsch (and as you know, it’s not the easiest feat to accomplish).

Sometimes they’re so close that the author of the video made a couple of small mistakes assigning the lyrics to their voices.

That was a 2006 track, and fast forwarding to 2015 we get a new lead singer (Fabio Lione, from Italy) and a new Teutonic legend guesting: Doro Pesch.

Moreover, it gets worse from here because the guitar player also decided to do some singing.

I was going to feature a studio version first, but the only vid I could find has a semi-nude female vampire as the background image, so, being NSFW, it will reside under the cut with the live version of Winds of Destination.

Besides, in the live recording you will clearly see who sings what =)

Alright, to be fair, Doro did an inadvertent Elena Obraztsova to Rafael Bittencourt’s José Carreras (in the sense she doesn’t strain much to completely drown the poor dude, and you could hardly blame it on the sound technician), and in the studio version she uses an even darker, amazingly queenly and majestic tone, so, well, I guess surviving through that semi-nude vampire chick is a must =) // thank Opera for tabbed browser windows! //

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for someone who rises and goes to bed…

…to the tune of war reports streaming from the Ukrainian Southeast – and whichever side you choose in that conflict (supposing you are brainwashed enough to ever choose sides in any war!), the truth is: innocents are dying, for no worthy reason – for someone like that, i.e. me, lately some songs have taken on a new, personal meaning.

So this new song by the amazing Haloo Helsinki says what I want to say. Better than I ever could.
The song is in Finnish, but for those who don’t understand it, if you click here and then check out “traductions: anglais” (which is “translations: English”, in French), you will get the gist of the lyrics (I suggest reading both versions).

Rauhaa nyt.