the moment I start worrying…

…the band posts this update =)

I’m honestly excited about Carmen doing what they call “rock” vocals, even if it’s “some”. Yes she is quite officially my favourite classically trained soprano in metal. But check out the “sieben Jahre, sieben Meere…” chorus!!


beautiful. just… beautiful.

Musically, it’s as good as Coronatus has always been; and Anny is a powerhouse, even better than on the previous album.

Visually, it’s definitely the best Coronatus video to date, and one of the best metal videos I have ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few).

Yes it is a sad one. You could even say, a bit cliché. But for Coronatus, these topics come naturally.

been a fan of this German band for years…

…but generally to me “Coronatus” has always meant “Carmen”; the sole album recorded w/o her never interested me, and I was overjoyed when she came back.

But Coronatus have always had two singers (once even three): Carmen and, well, someone else. The juxtaposition of Carmen’s archetypal ‘opera’ voice and someone else’s (these varied) pop/rock one has always worked great – but most of those someone-elses, well, they weren’t that interesting on their own.

And now I’m starting to think of Coronatus as “Carmen and Anny” – because Anny’s the first ‘pop/rock’ one in all these years who can truly stand her ground and shine next to Carmen, being every bit as-good-but-different. Anny’s style, power and timbre remind me a lot of those of Inkubus Sukkubus’ Candia Ridley’s actually, and if you have ever heard Candia, you know it’s a rare voice we’re talking about here.

They’re recording a new album now, and I can only hope there are many more to come out with this particular lineup.