fans waiting for the orchestral album…

…having fun with classical interpretations.

and the original, for the uninitiated:

// the wait for “the” album is about twenty years old; I actually understand all the whys, and yet, it’s a bit funny to think about //

You know, on the surface it’s easy to think of BG as exclusively writing in the “European tradition”, kinda classical diluted with folk (or the other way around, depending on your particular preference in classical), but listening to their stuff transplanted into another medium opens up the fact just how much jazz they have in there. Even without every other chord being some sort of a 7. I started hearing it on BtRM with tracks like Distant Memories which are kinda minimalist and not that electric, but unholy hell, it’s been there all the way. Probably because they started out as a speed metal band, and speed did crosspollinate with thrash which is inherently jazzy, a genuine product of US culture and all? Wild theories because I just never saw an interview where any of the two main songwriters were to confess their secret love for jazz.

PS Sorry for the production. I am painfully aware that BG post-Nightfall are hard to listen to sans major remastering.


it’s out

The FLAC version off Nuclear Blast’s website doesn’t seem to be up yet, but the iTunes version is rolled out already (booklet included).


…and I still owe you an impression of the Metal Church gig last Sunday. Still on the lookout for more videos (and trying to find the right words, yeah).

everything’s under control (c)

Okay, the topic of suicide in metal lyrics, you say, Kettu, you criticise the way Orden Ogan did that, now who did that right?


Dontcha know.

Cantcha guess.

Funny how both these songs ended up as “official promo videos”. Funny how both are sorta kinda edited out of live footage. Because how the hell are you going to stage a story to that?

In chronological order. 1993, the USA. 1995, Germany.

Nothing is framed as certain in the character/narrator’s fate. And yet..

Whether this narrator is more optimistic or not, is up to you to decide.

…no retreat!

The Bards are apparently compensating the fandom for all those variously horrid (or simply missing) promo videos over the years =)

Frederick the drummer had a birthday on Wednesday but we weren’t celebrating it here much because it’s not an anniversary yet =) Either way, fun fact: Frederick is the youngest Bard and the only one who has actual music education.

And a couple of fan bootleg vids from a recent (June 16th) RockFels appearance – Prophecies is sadly incomplete, but just in case…

I have to say that this stage looks _a_w_e_s_o_m_e_.

<3 <3 <3

This song is dangerously close to being my favourite song of all time – at least, one of the two BG songs I’m literally obsessed with, the first one being Bright Eyes. But I swear half my youtube history is bootleg live shots of Prophecies.

And now this! Awwww.

Check out the story about how Frederik Ehmke was putting the vid together!

And here you can get the singles (and older stuff) in FLAC format! C’mon, nothing beats lossless.

Oh, and now that the Bards are hinting they’re not going to tour for the next couple of years after they’re done with the summer dates, what does it mean? Yes. Yes. Don’t say it out loud, lest it be jinxed.

don’t you just love to hate this song =)

I never understood why Mirror Mirror should be considered that special, be that eternal encore etc, but hey. Here we go, the first taste of the upcoming official live.

And while I will always find faults with the Bards’ studio production until they ditch their best friend Charlie B. (as if it’s ever gonna happen), somehow the same Charlie B. always gets the live ones exactly right. Okay maybe a bit too much compression on Hansi’s vocals, same as in studio, but I’m not entirely sure it’s not Hansi’s own choice.

some people definitely have too much time and talent =)

There’s that dude I follow on youtube who plays guitar, sings (both clean and extreme) and in general records amazing ambitious covers, always fairly faithful to the original and yet with a touch of his own. And this time he (and a couple friends to help out with choirs) outdid himself.

You are reading that right. It’s a cover of ATTWS. Mind.blown.
Go give the kid some love, he deserves it.

more reasons to survive June

The Bards are releasing their 3CD live opus July 7th – I counted seven tracks written after the “Live 2003” one was released, which is not bad. Although I was hoping for The Curse of Fëanor and Miracle Machine, at the very least – since, to be honest, of course, Blind Guardian do not _need_ all those classics like Valhalla up there once again, but there is always label pressure, and probably fandom pressure from certain parts thereof.

Well, there is always the bonus track paradigm *rolls eyes*. I just hope they aren’t going to sneak anything interesting on the vinyl edition because I am not buying vinyl, period. I am not _that_ old or tr00-n-olesk00l, y’know.

*eyes the FLAC download section of the Nuclear Blast website* You’d better get it there on time, folks.

…and yes probably iTunes too because it may well carry the booklet and NB doesn’t seem to bother.