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This song is dangerously close to being my favourite song of all time – at least, one of the two BG songs I’m literally obsessed with, the first one being Bright Eyes. But I swear half my youtube history is bootleg live shots of Prophecies.

And now this! Awwww.

Check out the story about how Frederik Ehmke was putting the vid together!

And here you can get the singles (and older stuff) in FLAC format! C’mon, nothing beats lossless.

Oh, and now that the Bards are hinting they’re not going to tour for the next couple of years after they’re done with the summer dates, what does it mean? Yes. Yes. Don’t say it out loud, lest it be jinxed.

don’t you just love to hate this song =)

I never understood why Mirror Mirror should be considered that special, be that eternal encore etc, but hey. Here we go, the first taste of the upcoming official live.

And while I will always find faults with the Bards’ studio production until they ditch their best friend Charlie B. (as if it’s ever gonna happen), somehow the same Charlie B. always gets the live ones exactly right. Okay maybe a bit too much compression on Hansi’s vocals, same as in studio, but I’m not entirely sure it’s not Hansi’s own choice.

some people definitely have too much time and talent =)

There’s that dude I follow on youtube who plays guitar, sings (both clean and extreme) and in general records amazing ambitious covers, always fairly faithful to the original and yet with a touch of his own. And this time he (and a couple friends to help out with choirs) outdid himself.

You are reading that right. It’s a cover of ATTWS. Mind.blown.
Go give the kid some love, he deserves it.

more reasons to survive June

The Bards are releasing their 3CD live opus July 7th – I counted seven tracks written after the “Live 2003” one was released, which is not bad. Although I was hoping for The Curse of Fëanor and Miracle Machine, at the very least – since, to be honest, of course, Blind Guardian do not _need_ all those classics like Valhalla up there once again, but there is always label pressure, and probably fandom pressure from certain parts thereof.

Well, there is always the bonus track paradigm *rolls eyes*. I just hope they aren’t going to sneak anything interesting on the vinyl edition because I am not buying vinyl, period. I am not _that_ old or tr00-n-olesk00l, y’know.

*eyes the FLAC download section of the Nuclear Blast website* You’d better get it there on time, folks.

…and yes probably iTunes too because it may well carry the booklet and NB doesn’t seem to bother.

more anniversaries

André Olbrich, the one responsible for at least 60% of Blind Guardian’s music (that’s what Hansi says!), is 50 today.

His name somehow doesn’t seem to pop up much in all those “best guitarist” lists – and Hansi even gets asked why is that and what André feels about it (well, obviously Hansi gets asked about everything because that’s the frontperson’s job). And Hansi says that thankfully, André doesn’t care – as long as Blind Guardian can carry on and André can keep on writing music, it’s all fine.

According to Hansi, again, at the moment André is already writing new stuff for the Bards. And the orchestral album is getting closer to being finished, and the live one is being mixed… all guns blazing.

Let’s see what we’ve got here… twelve minutes of André’s solos from the Imaginations DVD; and why not Grand Parade, the non-bonus-track closer from their 2015 LP, which the Bards describe as probably the best song they’ve written by now. A real orchestra, tempo and tuning changes, anything you may ever wish for. Remember: the person behind the instrumental splendour is André.

And for those who can stomach a yet another Judas Priest cover with Ralf Scheepers on vocals (yeah, that ex-Gamma Ray dude who could’ve been there instead of Ripper Owens)…

a yet another live bootleg vid, but.

This one’s special. I might have heard worse-sounding soundboard recordings. Of course there are missing parts to the frequency spectrum, and yet it’s just so damn cool sound-wise. It may be worth it not to look at the screen even because the camerawork is somewhat jumpy.

Whatever. It’s taken from a recent Imaginations show in Japan; not the full album tracklist, obviously, ending with The Script for My Requiem. As honest as it can get, really. Showcases beautifully how Hansi can move in a single breath from those almost-Baroque, ornate and vulnerable cleans of his to a ferocious distortion, remaining hypermelodic throughout. “Too much character,” some would say. But who would deny the skill?


they did it again…

…half a band this time, and the song ain’t theirs, but hey, they always deliver.

Blind Guardian (Hansi and Marcus, to be specific) found themselves doing a yet another game soundtrack, and this time it’s something way more original than the second instalment of Sacred – The Dwarves is a game based on a German fantasy novel.

My “to be played” pile is a bit too long ATM, so I haven’t yet been able to justify buying the game at release (even though it’s been wishlisted since being in dev). But if you are looking for something colourful and story-driven, then by all means get it. Here’s the GOG link again.

And here’s the music =)

It has an orchestra, a choir and no Charlie Bauerfeind in sight. We’ve been blessed.

Don’t know if you can get it on iTunes outside Russia yet (not here as of right now), but supposing you do get the game, the soundtrack is here for a few extra $$.

Curse of Fëanor live

This has to be on the live album. We won’t forgive if it’s not. And – Herr Bauerfeind! it’s you we won’t forgive. The band is forever exempt from our wrath.

(note to self: singing the chorus in this octave and not trying to match the album’s higher harmonies will definitely scare the neighbours less… and it lends more impact to the message, actually)