beautiful. just… beautiful.

Musically, it’s as good as Coronatus has always been; and Anny is a powerhouse, even better than on the previous album.

Visually, it’s definitely the best Coronatus video to date, and one of the best metal videos I have ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few).

Yes it is a sad one. You could even say, a bit cliché. But for Coronatus, these topics come naturally.


been a fan of this German band for years…

…but generally to me “Coronatus” has always meant “Carmen”; the sole album recorded w/o her never interested me, and I was overjoyed when she came back.

But Coronatus have always had two singers (once even three): Carmen and, well, someone else. The juxtaposition of Carmen’s archetypal ‘opera’ voice and someone else’s (these varied) pop/rock one has always worked great – but most of those someone-elses, well, they weren’t that interesting on their own.

And now I’m starting to think of Coronatus as “Carmen and Anny” – because Anny’s the first ‘pop/rock’ one in all these years who can truly stand her ground and shine next to Carmen, being every bit as-good-but-different. Anny’s style, power and timbre remind me a lot of those of Inkubus Sukkubus’ Candia Ridley’s actually, and if you have ever heard Candia, you know it’s a rare voice we’re talking about here.

They’re recording a new album now, and I can only hope there are many more to come out with this particular lineup.