not all awesome singers…

…are amazing lyricists.

That’s Anneke van Giersbergen, and yes, same as Tarja, she isn’t exactly young but somehow still feels she needs that sort of stage clothing to sell the music. Okay, whatever makes them and their fans happy, I guess. Thankfully I got other style icons.

But the point is – I don’t know for sure who writes lyrics for Tarja’s solo stuff, and yet they are quite good. On the other hand, Ms Giersbergen has been writing lyrics for like twenty-five years, I guess, and, well, let’s just say I don’t see any progress (the lyrics to the song above you can find in the comments on youtube). You will probably call it “style”. Anyway, that writing style is the reason why I physically cannot listen to Anneke stuff, even though I have adored her voice since forever.

Nonsensical syllables, I say. Pseudolanguages, I say. All the way. Just not that sort of whatever it is. Please.

…anyone remember those Beauty in Darkness DVDs?