…no retreat!

The Bards are apparently compensating the fandom for all those variously horrid (or simply missing) promo videos over the years =)

Frederick the drummer had a birthday on Wednesday but we weren’t celebrating it here much because it’s not an anniversary yet =) Either way, fun fact: Frederick is the youngest Bard and the only one who has actual music education.

And a couple of fan bootleg vids from a recent (June 16th) RockFels appearance – Prophecies is sadly incomplete, but just in case…

I have to say that this stage looks _a_w_e_s_o_m_e_.


more anniversaries

André Olbrich, the one responsible for at least 60% of Blind Guardian’s music (that’s what Hansi says!), is 50 today.

His name somehow doesn’t seem to pop up much in all those “best guitarist” lists – and Hansi even gets asked why is that and what André feels about it (well, obviously Hansi gets asked about everything because that’s the frontperson’s job). And Hansi says that thankfully, André doesn’t care – as long as Blind Guardian can carry on and André can keep on writing music, it’s all fine.

According to Hansi, again, at the moment André is already writing new stuff for the Bards. And the orchestral album is getting closer to being finished, and the live one is being mixed… all guns blazing.

Let’s see what we’ve got here… twelve minutes of André’s solos from the Imaginations DVD; and why not Grand Parade, the non-bonus-track closer from their 2015 LP, which the Bards describe as probably the best song they’ve written by now. A real orchestra, tempo and tuning changes, anything you may ever wish for. Remember: the person behind the instrumental splendour is André.

And for those who can stomach a yet another Judas Priest cover with Ralf Scheepers on vocals (yeah, that ex-Gamma Ray dude who could’ve been there instead of Ripper Owens)…