just HOW HARD is it?!

Look up the word in the dictionary. Listen to native speakers saying it. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard it – have you never heard Ozzy’s song that is called precisely “Desire”?!

Accent is one thing. This kind of blissful ignorance is another. English is your job; either start singing in Swedish or give it a bit more respect!



I need to listen to that 2014 album…

…because while the “Drop Dead Cynical” single was drop dead formulaic, this one’s kinda better:

The two bonus tracks off that old “Rain” single were beyond cool, of course, but – as much as I hoped they signified the new direction the band was going to move into, they kinda remained a one of a kind diversion. The second album basically was the first one with slightly reworked lyrics (and I’d learnt the original songs by heart back when they only had a demo out), and then, I kinda ‘quit’ after Andy quit.
But there’s no other band that does this particular “to hell with genres” thing quite like Amaranthe do.

And these are those bonus tracks. The second one is my favourite.