this has been out for…

…a coupla weeks already, but hey I’ve been busy.

All in all, a quality Rantanen-penned track, although I still think they need a different lead singer. Okay, yes, more band members = less GDP per capita, so to speak, and yettttt.

Yes I know good singers are hard to find. Same as good songwriters. It’s a shame these two kinds team up so rarely.


half a Teräsbetoni, technically

All Rise, a relatively new metal band from Finland, featuring two ex-Teräsbetoni members: Jari Kuokkanen, the drummer extraordinaire; and Vili Rantanen, guitarist/songwriter/whaddayacallit (not the one with that glamorous mane – that would be J. Caven, author of this particular song).
All Rise singer, Niko Rauhala, may not be exactly as much of a jaw-dropping technique monster that Jarkko Ahola was (or is; his projects bore me to tears these days, so I just don’t follow him anymore), but he _is_ very good.
The video itself is also quite clever: stylish B&W, and a smart way not to show “real gore” but still invoke this psychopath vibe.

Speaking of psychopaths…