Coloured vignettes in Paint.NET

I use this free app called Paint.NET for a frightening majority of whatever image processing tasks I may need to do. The real power of PdN lies in the amazing community, though: there are quite a few talented coders out there who keep on releasing mindblowing plugins.

There are hundreds of them, I believe, but this time I am just going to focus on a specific technique concerning vignettes.

I developed it before BoltBait’s Vignette Plus was released – a plugin that allows to create a coloured vignette with alpha; but I believe this method may still have value because, well, it offers a tad more options.

And, y’know, the whole educational effect.

What you need:

Ed Harvey Effects;
KrisVDM’s plugin pack.

// those pages will tell you how to install these plugins //

And an image – I will use one of my test renders, originally posted on the DAZ3D forums.

What I got:


If you want to learn how to do this, too, then please proceed under the cut for the how-to.

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