and are YOU supporting Greg Zaal on Patreon?!

All HDRIs on HDRI Haven are now technically free to download. And they are good. I testify. So if you like using maps to light your scenes, check out his stuff if you haven’t yet. Greg keeps on adding more regularly. And if you want to feel good about using them, you can chip in on his Patreon with an amount that won’t make a hole in your pocket.


possibly the best lighting-related tutorial out there

Yes it says “Poser”, but whatever software you use, you should read this. Maybe even “must”.

Oh yeah, Iray fans: do ditch the DAZ 0.1 as the “SS multiplier” value. Or you will never understand what “sunny 16” is, even though you do have a phys cam model built in.

once in a blue moon the Fox wants a car model…

…and a Russian car model, to boot.

One of the Nivas.

Turbosquid and a few other pro-oriented stores have some nice models… but they’re pretty pricey.

Now, it seems that back in 2011, one guy modeled a .max version once:

The thing is, I don’t feel like installing Max to convert just one file.

Then… There’s a super cute (as far as I can tell from the icon) Lightwave model here:

But just how legit this particular website is… no idea.

It’s, like, who the hell cares if it’s going to be – riiiiiiight – AU fanart anyway, and yettttt.

and at the same time…

…community enthusiasts create utilities like this. I’m not interesting in rendering _anything_ in Poser (I’m curious about Superfly, of course, but most reports seem to indicate that it doesn’t really improve on Cycles, if at all), but I applaud anyone who invests their time and effort into groundbreaking solutions like that, and then even puts them out for free.

this is me

Silver Fox ’85, the official toon version. The fur and hair textures aren’t exactly designed for closeups, but I’m including one just for the sake of vanity.

I’m obviously keeping the character to myself, but I will tell you what went into the making of it =) The base figure is Krystal, and everything else apart from the hair, the skirt and the belt is a freebie, like Krystal herself. Well, the lace on the shirt comes from Transmap-O-Matic which I got from Michele’s old storefront at Rendo, and I cannot recall if Michele did ever put it up for free or not… Either way, most of the textures can be found here at Michele’s blog.

And here is Krystal and a load of her clothing, while this ShareCG page hosts the texture resources I used for the base to make the fur (Blacksmith3D is very handy for fixing the seams, but the rest of overlays I painted in the good ole trusty Paint.NET). The tail is the Bushy Tail also found on the LittleDragon pages. The bracelets were also part of a freebie pack, but I cannot recall what it was called ATM.

The paid-for clothing items are fairly old, so I don’t know if they’re available anymore. Regardless… The skirt is from here with a texture from this pack, and here’s where the belt is from. Then… The hair is this one. It’s still available, and inexpensive.

Eyelashes are made in LAMH, and claws are simple deformed spheres parented to the fingers.

Now, whenever I have more free time, I should dig out my classic “patriotic scene” with the carnations in the colours of the Russian flag, and have the virtual me pose with them for a new forum/Rendo/dA userpic.