that’s not fair =(

All those random DAZ characters like Lucas had their own sales. They had that free previous generation bundle incentive.

I was stupid enough to think that an iconic line like, y’know, Aiko would warrant a major event. With even better incentives.

Like fun.

She’s out as part of “March Madness” which hasn’t been truly mad in a while – and no special offers in sight.

Which sort of negates my previous willingness to get that pro bundle.

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so that’s how you write a CV in hobby 3D today

A tutorial for those who don’t know how to use the basic features of SP. Probably nice for those who have hit a brick wall, although that does seem unlikely to me because Allegorithmic software is quite intuitive.

But the interesting thing is the product info. All the irrelevant yet dazzling details about the dude who wrote this tutorial.

The Bruce Dickinson of hobby 3D, no less.

And he probably graduated high school with a gold medal as well. Oh wait, he’s not Russian!

PS Those mysterious “‘intelligent self placing’ materials” – smart materials you mean? I wonder why the need to call them differently.

this erm product offends me on so many levels…

…I don’t even know where to start.

Religious feelings? Check. I mean, metal is a religion, just ask around; DAZ are just lucky these scenes barely overlap. Or they wouldn’t be able to get away with all the profanation they are being able to get away with.

Feminism? No explanation required.

And this sort of meh floodfill texturing toooootally requires proudly mentioning Substance Painter. Laughable.

Yeah if any random DAZ fanboi is reading this, I can totally hear their “sour grapes” kinda thoughts. Well, anyone has the right to entertain whatever opinions they chose to blind themselves with.

I’m just lucky I never made that mistake that so many “published artists” did, solely relying on selling hobbyist 3D content for a living, and consequently never had to (pardon the {b; p}athos) prostitute my art.

PS Anyone else as annoyed as me with this “saving of draft failed” message MAJORLY getting in the way whenever connection is lost? Honest, I tried to find if I could turn it off and failed.


just in time

DAZ3D just unrolled a Victoria 8. And a new free female Genesis model – which isn’t called Genesis 4 but Genesis 8.

I don’t have the time to look at the free one right now – but the marketing talk includes “a new expression engine” and “automatically flexing muscles”.

For the latter to be included in a base figure – or at least a major character like V8; no idea yet if the free one features it or not – I honestly applaud. One of the reasons the original Genesis is my preferred figure is because it has a system like that available in one of the add-ons (Muscularity, I think). G2F had a similar add-on (which I also have cuz it was in a nice sale), but nothing of the sort is out there for G2M (and I can’t be bothered to convert all those JCMs and MCMs, y’know).

Now, expressions, I wonder if they did hire someone with a basic understanding of anatomy.

No idea when I’m going to look into that, but hey, as soon as I do, I’ll drip some acid right here.

Meanwhile fire up your DIMs and go download the new G8F starter essentials. They say there is some clothing there. It’s reasonable to assume it’s backwards compatible ;D

these are in FastGrab today…

…and I confess I do not see the point.

The alterations these – or any other “bend fixers” for Genesis 2 and beyond – bring are minuscule. I need to really scrutinise the renders to see the difference. It’s not Gen4 or earlier Poser stuff, where the improvements introduced by similar products jump out of the screen.

And none of those ever made raised-arm poses look believable.

Is it just me?

PS I think I’ve only seen two “hand fixers” in my life: one for Genesis, which makes the results even less realistic IMO (at least when I compare the promo renders to my own hands); the other for G3F, which I have obviously not even looked at because I use G3 in a very limited capacity (and actually I’m thinking about transferring those morphs back onto a more manageable figure like the original Genesis…). Which is weird because hands are the second most important thing in portraiture after the face.

misleading product descriptions…

…are my biggest pet peeve when it comes to hobbyist 3D stores.

There are all those “shaders” that are not shaders but shader presets – “materials” would be the best name actually, had Poser not messed with everyone’s minds. And now there is a new kid on the block: a “custom morph” which is in fact a dial.

Check this character out, for instance: the description clearly says “custom morphs”. But if you open the readme (thankfully, it’s only one click away on a Rendo product page), you will find the official DAZ morphs listed as a requirement. Moreover, there are no files listed as supplied in the data folder – and this is where real custom morphs reside.

I hope this won’t become common.

Not that I cared for new characters at all, but for the sake of newer users, y’know.