on repeat lately: Ария, “Свобода”

Sometimes, a cover totally pwns the original. It happened to that White Lion song, “Cry for Freedom” that was covered by Ария. First of all, Valery Kipelov _is_ a singer, unlike the guy from White Lion (yeah I know, the majority of the mainstream 80s bands had “singers” like that; doesn’t mean I have to appreciate that “style”). And, well, the original lyrics were kinda bland, albeit the anti-war message is always a good one.

However, in the case of the Ария cover, the lyrics are different. A personal mystical journey, so to speak. Marga Pushkina wrote one of her best ever pieces here. You can find my non-rhyming translation under the cut.

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guilty pleasures

I don’t like Russian music much at all; not even classical. Biased or not, I know that it just doesn’t generally work for me.

What’s worse, for a Russian metalhead liking anything related to the top Russian metal band Ария signifies a marked lack of taste.

Especially if we’re talking Авария, the one-off side project of Ария’s bassist and lead guitarist – the acoustic one that came out in the mid-to-late nineties and featured self-covers plus two new tracks, with the bassist singing lead. Mind you, the bassist actually started out as a singer way before Ария was even a thing (he even has a degree in pop vocals from the leading music school here, IIRC), but with Ария he prefers to play bass and provide occasional backing vox. There have been a few lead vocalists in the band, Mr Кипелов being the original and most celebrated one.

But. Holy hell.

I love that little album.

Of course, I suspect that half the fun is the contrast between the “true metallic” lyrical content (which gets rather Gothic at times, when we’re talking love songs in particular, but don’t let that surprise you – the lyrics in the Kipelov era were primarily written by a female poet Маргарита Пушкина) and the relaxed and laidback atmosphere of the music itself (which is, like, sort of “lounge” even maybe?).

Check Авария out on youtube!

Or jump straight to one of my favourite tracks evah:

Cf. the original Ария arrangement, with Mr Кипелов singing lead: