Software Used

a collection of links to awesome software for creative endeavours
Image editing and creation

Paint.NET with numerous plugins (raster)
Inkscape (vector)
MapZone (procedural texture generator)
Smart Normal (normal map generator)
Picturenaut (handles HDR images)
RIOT (optimise image compression)


Deep Paint 2 (raster; almost free)
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (vector with strong raster integration)
Twisted Brush (raster)
Substance Designer (procedural texture generator)
Bitmap2Material (helps create tiling diffuse/specular/bump/etc maps from photographs)

Working in 3D

DAZ Studio (3D content database managing, scene setup, a free multi-core licence for the bundled 3Delight build)
3Delight Studio Pro (Renderman-compliant standalone renderer, free version limited to 8 cores but frequently updated)
Sculptris (organic sculpting)
LithUnwrap (UV mapping)
Arbaro (tree generator)
SweetHome3D (interior mockups)


Hexagon (modeler)
Silo (free trial) // Silo on Steam (better pricing) (modeler)
Carrara (modeler, landscape generator, renderer)
Substance Painter (3D painting)
Blacksmith3D (3D painting)


GNU Solfege (ear training)
LMMS (compose your music)
TuxGuitar (compose your music, convert GuitarPro files to MIDI)
Onyx Arranger (helps to arrange your music)
Macaw (compose your music, mix and record audio)


FL Studio (compose your music)
Cakewalk Sonar (compose your music, mix and record audio)

Worldbuilding for RPG and fiction

AutoRealm (manually create traditional maps of your worlds)
City Map Generator (automatically generate city maps)
Cityographer (automatically generate city maps and data)
Chaotic Shiny web-based generators // Chaotic Shiny downloadable generators (lots of helpful random prompts)


Chaotic Shiny commercial generators (more detailed inspiration generators)
AstroSynthesis (create star systems in 3D, manually or automatically)


One thought on “Software Used

  1. My goodness, just when I think I can’t possibly find even *more* cool stuff on your blog, I stumble on the chaotic shiny character generators! I struggle to create random NPC types that I’m only going to use in one scene. Such cool stuff – you are a fountain of helpful information!

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