For DAZ Studio Artists

a collection of essential links for DS+3Delight users



Before you even start:

Gamma Correction in a nutshell: by John Hable
Why Linear Workflow: by VFX Wizard
How to enable automagical linear workflow in DAZ Studio 4.6+: by Millighost
…don’t leave home without it.

Image composition basics: by Ken Gilliland

Beginner level:

Cameras and Lights in DAZ Studio: by Maclean
Render settings for Renderman-compatible renderers (more settings covered than presented in the DS render settings tab)
Learning UberEnvironment2: by Adamr001
How to make shadow-only lights, in detail: by SnowSultan
Surface basics: by Ann of ArtCollaborations
Materials based on the default shader: by Karl
“Sugar Skin” – easy and effective settings for rendering skin with the basic DS shader: by Afina79
Rendering very pretty reflective “water” with the basic DS shader: by Afina79
… and the good ol’ DS3 manual (scroll down for the PDF link): dated, but still nigh indispensable for a beginner.

Intermediate level:

UberAreaLight tutorial by Szark
Omnifreaker’s shader documentation: the Uber family
List of Shader Mixer tutorials & recipes @ the DAZ3D forums
Subsurface scattering for the DS/3Delight combo – the UberSurface shader family: by me
A companion file to my tutorial above – a preset for the default G2F textures and the original UberSurface: by me; the light set included therein requires my Fantasy Lights (see below).

Advanced level:

Adapting existing RSL code to be used within DS through Shader Builder – by me, converting a light shader
Pixar RSL resources
Archived Pixar RSL resources



Mk85 Fantasy Lights – the only DS lightset creation kit that I can vouch for right now, it being mine LOL; shadows on, UE2 set up nicely, etc.
Mk85 Fantasy Lights, Portrait Add-On – what it says, an add-on for my lightset creation kit above, specifically geared towards linear workflow
PatrickSJ’s Gel Light – the original gel light shader mixer network


Ultimate “Shader” Pack – including the classic Chrome Metals and still very capable Leather&Spandex materials; based on the DS default shader
Michele’s materials, based on the DS default shader
Moonfly’s Crumpled Fabric, presets for the DS default shader and HSS
Various materials by Marianne, including the legendary SuperShine handy presets, based on the DS default shader
KerWar’s Fancies, based on the DS default shader
Various materials from Calida3D (Khory), based on the UberSurface and HSS shaders
R72 Leather materials, based on the UberSurface shader
Chainmail by Age of Armour and Syndaril, a shader mixer network
Tofusan’s Realistic Glass with Absorption, a shader mixer network
– Groovemaster’s packs No 1, No 2 and No 3, based on the DS default shader
Camouflage Netting by Wilmap, based on the DS default shader

Don’t forger to check out my Tips & Tricks page, which will hopefully help you further refine the results you’re getting!


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