some definitely wonder…

…why the hell this particular Russian fox is so obsessed with gnawing at everyone within reach who happen to be saying incorrect stuff about singing in general and singing in metal specifically.

Look here. Find “Halford vs Dickinson”.

That’s your pop media in action.


“… some of the greatest vocalists only have/had  a few octaves in the bag”.

I’m honestly tired of trying to come up with snarky remarks about this depth and breadth of knowledge.

Of course, the ignorance doesn’t end here – the schtick about the lyrics is ridiculous in this context because Dickinson didn’t have that much to do with Maiden lyrics.

But we’re talking about the instrument that nearly everyone possesses since birth – and yet it’s an instrument beyond precious because you can’t just change a string if one snaps. It’s an instrument you can’t see yourself play, which means fixing issues of technique is not a trivial task, even for the best teacher in the world. And issues are bound to happen because we (ab;mis)use the same instrument every day for social communication, and our society is FUCKED UP (no other words work here) enough to impinge on each and every aspect of healthy functioning of our minds and bodies (which need to be perfectly balanced and coordinated for our voices not to self-destruct).

It’s an instrument that requires tremendous attention, care and respect.

All the things that our cultures do not foster in this regard.

Pop media disseminates all this ignorant crap. Random weirdos who found themselves at various levels of stardom make it even worse – think of all the “singers” who will tell you how they always party but never warm up.

As a result, young kids grow up with their minds majorly messed up re:singing.

Which is why the myth that a singer has an expiration date well before they are dead is kinda true. About a bad singer.

I don’t need any more bad singers on this planet.

I don’t need any extra pain and suffering.



random observations of the sad kind

There was a dude I knew who did research in the same field as me. He was maybe ten years my senior. Smart, like, real smart.

He had a problem.

When he drank alcohol, he didn’t know when to stop; and it affected him badly. Like, real bad. To the point of going berserk for no reason.

He’s dead now. Ended up in a psych ward and died a bit later.

There’s another dude in roughly the same line of work I’ve known for a while. Not as smart, but, well, that sort of smart was just exceptional. This one’s kinda okay. My age.

He’s got a drinking problem.

His is different. He just can’t seem to stop drinking. It doesn’t make him violent, but he’s like under the influence literally most of the time he’s at work. To the point of it being more and more visible every day.

He’s standing behind my back right now telling some drunken stories, and I’m sitting here fighting back tears.

I don’t know why people are so self-destructive.


that’s not fair =(

All those random DAZ characters like Lucas had their own sales. They had that free previous generation bundle incentive.

I was stupid enough to think that an iconic line like, y’know, Aiko would warrant a major event. With even better incentives.

Like fun.

She’s out as part of “March Madness” which hasn’t been truly mad in a while – and no special offers in sight.

Which sort of negates my previous willingness to get that pro bundle.

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so that’s how you write a CV in hobby 3D today

A tutorial for those who don’t know how to use the basic features of SP. Probably nice for those who have hit a brick wall, although that does seem unlikely to me because Allegorithmic software is quite intuitive.

But the interesting thing is the product info. All the irrelevant yet dazzling details about the dude who wrote this tutorial.

The Bruce Dickinson of hobby 3D, no less.

And he probably graduated high school with a gold medal as well. Oh wait, he’s not Russian!

PS Those mysterious “‘intelligent self placing’ materials” – smart materials you mean? I wonder why the need to call them differently.

do they read lit analysis in US colleges?

Jenny sent me some news items regarding that Netflix adaptation of the “Witcher” saga. Apparently the new showrunner is some lady, whose wikipedia article seems to delve more on her family than on her professional creed. Like I care how many children writers have.

She published some sort of character analysis, and I’m looking at the most important one and just shaking my head silently. Either she’s cruelly messing with the English-speaking fans, or she’s been reading some other books.

Geralt? BALANCED?!

It’s his swords that are balanced, not him.

Other descriptions contain at least one thing that doesn’t make sense, each.

Shame we can’t get Moffat on this one.

nothing to prove; nothing to lose

Leather used to be one of the best singers in metal back then in the 80s (which few people knew about, and yet).

Back then, she sang for David T Chastain, who played neoclassical/USPM (back then!). Decidedly non-commercial, but very enjoyable.

Then she “retired from the music business”. Seemingly forever. But when Ronnie James Dio (her idol, and I’m not using this word lightly) passed away, she decided to get back. Umm yeah, I know how it sounds, but that’s what she says. Either way, it was around 2011; she had a short-lived project with Sandy Sledge, who used to be the drummer in Leather’s pre-Chastain bands, and then she did two records with Chastain again.

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come: rooftop. bring your money (c)

Also available on iTunes.

I’ll go the iTunes route cuz regional pricing: musically, this is not the bee’s knees. Just… okay.

But it is so freaking audacious that I want to support these folks.

PS Title quoted from an “obscure text” by Michael Kirkbride – about the humble origins of the Dunmeri (ex-)god depicted on the album cover:

PPS The cover artist has a Slavic name. It’s a trend in the fandom.


Perfectionism is evil. Y’all know me.

Basically, as it turns out, if we look closer, even with my iris morph Dawn’s and Dusk’s eyes don’t look as good as I generally want eyes to look.

// disregard the skin, I just turned SSS off for faster rendering //


What is it, I can hear you asking in a few of Mike Patton’s many voices. Well… it’s it.

Epic, isn’t it.

It’s the devil in the bump maps.

I guess I could look around and see what D/D characters I have, and whether they have better eye maps which could be used for the “promo”, since these issues with the default maps are probably something not many people will ever notice.

But in all honesty, this is all so imperfect. *sighs*

I guess I also need to package a pose file for fitting Arki’s EyeDeas to D/D.


Hey y’all who only speak English!

That Hachette publisher of yours is going to release Season of Storms this May for you. I haven’t scouted around for previews so no idea if the translation is any good this time, but!

I’m honestly happy for you people now, because even if it’s downright badly translated, it’s still Season of Storms, and it’s definitely my fave fully fledged Geralt novel. It’s also THE introduction to the Wiedźminland for those who aren’t in the fandom yet.

All those years, but you will be able to check it out at last. Yay!