“Poetry’s totally like mining radium: a year of toil, an ounce of gain. Ores of verbosity, heaving and gathering, all for the sake of one word to remain…”
Vladimir Mayakovsky, “To a taxman: on poetry”(*), Russian-to-English translation by Kettu
((*) in most English publications, title usually rendered as “Talking with the Taxman about Poetry”)

In Finnish, “Mustakettu” is “Silver Fox”. “Silver” as in breed, not the colour. Make it a specifically black silver fox. The number is production date.

Born and bred in Russia, although not much of a supporter of “traditional values” so popular in this oppressive patriarchal society.

Personality? Part Vivec, part Garrett PI (though with a definite Morley Dotes tendency re:obsession with healthy lifestyle). Interpolate through a wavefunction.

Beliefs? Read this, and this, and this, and if you aren’t scared yet, then this, too. Oh, and this. And then bear in mind that I do not necessarily agree with it all to a “t” – because my beliefs are the result of my own experiences and reflections; they are not taken from the writings of others. Yet, it still feels good I don’t have to type down a lot of that stuff.
More insights into the nature of this particular Silver Fox are filed under this category:
this creature (c)

dA gallery is for pretty stuff and random rambling // not updated anymore since October 2017 //

ShareCG is where my free stuff is generally hosted

This particular blog is for MOAR random rambling, plus the not-so-pretty stuff, like WIPs, sketches and test renders.

No-one ever said being a heretic was easy…


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