“Poetry’s totally like mining radium: a year of toil, an ounce of gain. Ores of verbosity, heaving and gathering, all for the sake of one word to remain…”
Vladimir Mayakovsky, “To a taxman: on poetry”(*), Russian-to-English translation by Kettu
((*) in most English publications, title usually rendered as “Talking with the Taxman about Poetry”)

In Finnish, “Mustakettu” is “Silver Fox”. “Silver” as in breed, not the colour. Make it a specifically black silver fox. The number is production date.

Born and bred in Russia, although not much of a supporter of “traditional values” so popular in this oppressive patriarchal society.

Personality? Part Vivec, part Garrett PI (though with a definite Morley Dotes tendency re:obsession with healthy lifestyle). Interpolate through a wavefunction.

Beliefs? Read this, and this, and this, and if you aren’t scared yet, then this, too. Oh, and this. And then bear in mind that I do not necessarily agree with it all to a “t” – because my beliefs are the result of my own experiences and reflections; they are not taken from the writings of others. Yet, it still feels good I don’t have to type down a lot of that stuff.
More insights into the nature of this particular Silver Fox are filed under this category:
this creature (c)

dA gallery is for pretty stuff and random rambling

ShareCG is where my free stuff is generally hosted

This particular blog is for MOAR random rambling, plus the not-so-pretty stuff, like WIPs, sketches and test renders.

No-one ever said being a heretic was easy…


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