I hope Liv Kristine is going to…

…be more choosy onwards when it comes to collaborations.

Orden Ogan is one of those bands that are not bad and seem to have amassed a considerable fandom, but fail to impress me specifically. Now, this particular song is definitely way too repetitive. There is an interesting variation towards the end, but then we go back again to that chorus that is simply overdone. Good melody line, but it doesn’t develop anywhere.
And those lyrics, hey they definitely glorify suicide. The band may have thought they were writing that in-character, demonic, for a concept album (maybe? no idea if it’s going to be a concept one); they may have thought they were “exploring” the point of view of a clinically depressed person (was that sudden switch to “light” at the end meant to signify the light at the end of the tunnel? nah, even if it were, it is a failure – there is no musical weight assigned to those lines, they’re entirely disposable in the whole context); but out of context, it just sounds cheesy at best. There is no depth to those lyrics. The very premise of the narrator trying to – ahem – seduce someone else into killing themselves… I mean, if it were the 90s, yeah sure all the way. Goth was goth back then, we knew how to play those games.
But goth is dead.
I’m not some politically correct wimp. I actually do believe that there is a place for suicide in certain circumstances.
There is a difference between writing lyrics that are personal, conversational, intimate, if you wish – “the only way to get out soon is suicide” (c) Hansi Kürsch, Born in the Mourning Hall, just how much more direct can it get? – lyrics that reflect your own inner monologue (whether you are actually medically suicidal or not is irrelevant; a phrase like this is what everyone, outside those clinically manic and implausibly pampered, must’ve surely thought at least once in their lives), and playing a coy game with the audience.


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