promises promises

I did play with G8F a bit, but haven’t yet put together a render I could like. Which is like the whole point of “reviewing” the package.
So, more rock’n’roll, dudes and dudettes (and anyone else in-between and out the spectrum).

I got recently reminded that this cover exists.

Actually I have the whole album somewhere, I believe, but the production is just… unimpressive. It’s a bit better outside this overcompressed youtube version, but very sterile.
And yet.
Ain’t he plain out phenomenal on this.

It’s not a well-publicised fact about myself – because I don’t really talk about it much – but Jani Lane is one of my – okay, here comes that rarely used word that fits – idols. It’s customary to spit out “Poison-Warrant-FasterPussycat-whateverpopmetalhasbeenyoucancomeupwith” in a single breath – but hell. I realised it’s an unfair sort of – ahem – classification, the moment I heard freaking Cherry Pie on the radio.
Yes, this very fact should tell you this was well over ten years ago, when I still listened to FM radio here in Moscow. Closer to fifteen, like.

Jani Lane was an unbelievable songwriter and quite possibly the best “glam metal” singer of the whole scene.

In the 00s, when Jani was still alive, saying that you’re a Warrant fan could mean being ostracised from just about any metal or even “glam” community. Things have sort of changed since he died – the way they always do *rolls eyes* – but it doesn’t make it easier for me to talk about him. His whole life was one downward spiral. And he found no redemption. It’s just so sad.

So let’s just remember that weird Rush tribute album on Magna Carta, shall we. If there was a tribute that sparkled one holywar too many, it was this.

Jani Lane, lead vocals; Alex Skolnick, lead guitar.
Yup. Gotta love that combination.
Now, generally, whenever Alex plays a cover, it sort of transcends the very idea of “weird”…

Oh, and of course, Warrant’s own stuff. Just one example. One of my favourite tracks.
The better bands of the late 80s/early 90s consistently had awful album covers (interestingly how Lizzy Borden managed to have quite tolerable ones for the 1987 and 1989 releases, though), so I’ll go with a new!MadMax fanvid to represent this song. Even though I’m not a fan of the whole MadMax franchise. Not even the old stuff. Yeah, sue me.
Still, Dog Eat Dog is consistently dark lyrically and imaginative musically. Just don’t look at the cover.

Obligatory live version (audio only). No idea if Jani was ever fully sober onstage, but he delivered 100% every time.


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