that Sabbath was “my” Sabbath

Dehumanizer may’ve been my first Sabbath album and remains one of the two top favourites to this day music-wise, the other being Sabbath Bloody Sabbath obviously, but the Tony Martin years were the time I have a special emotional connection to.
Again, Tony is way more of a rock singer than a metal one. But isn’t it the same with Ozzy? Supposing Mr Osbourne qualifies as a singer at all. While Mr Martin does.
Yes he is very light. Very, I daresay, lyrical. But damn ain’t he agile! Exactly because he doesn’t have to haul around all the weight.

And don’t forget that Cozy Powell was there for a few years, too.

One studio track and two live versions of another – one with Sabbath in freaking Soviet Union, the other with a solo band a gazillion years later.


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