there’s this lady out there…

…one of those online voice teachers or whatever who put out various singing-related videos. This particular one is very “vanilla” for lack of a better word; she knows zilch about anything resembling extended techniques (there is one video on her channel where she tries to show how to sing “raspy but safe” and fails rather miserably), but she knows her clean basics down pat. So I’d recommend her stuff to those who want some help developing the foundations. Because there’s no way you can do “raspy but safe” if you can’t do clean, and I mean 279% clean. But again, there’s no warranty you _can_ go aggressive even if you know the clean technique like the back of your hand.

And in this video she talks about pop singers whom she thinks to have good and bad technique. Which makes me wonder if anyone ever wrote (or filmed) anything similarly substantiated about metal singers. And not the pop metal ones like James Hetfield, I mean.

See, there are those ahem popular opinions in the underground-er metal world on whose voice is “shot” and whose is not. But those mostly come from random fans. Not voice teachers.

I have an opinion of my own, of course, but it is worth just about as much as that of another random fan.

…and speaking of popular opinions in metal: I wish that someone would, I don’t know, make it a mandatory thing to learn in primary school that voices do not “age” but mature – unless the singer is not a real singer, of course, and destroys their own voice.

Which means: your voice will naturally get deeper and darker with age. But if you lose your high notes, it means you never had any proper technique to begin with.



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