my firm conviction is…

…most metal album covers suck. Some more than others.

It’s obviously subjective, like any opinion re:anything “artistic”. But it’s funny how people differ in that regard. If you take the time to read the comments to that news item I linked to in the previous post, you’ll see some love the new live album cover, some aren’t that impressed.

I’m personally kinda torn – on the one hand, it’s so damn dark; c’mon dudes, you are not Lucifer’s Heritage anymore, are you. On the other hand, it has that 90s feel and a vague Heretic/Hexen flair, and in terms of subject matter there is nothing idiotic going on, so it’s awesome in that regard.

And then there is a book advertised which deals with all those metal covers, y’know, including Blind Guardian’s A Night at the Opera. I adore that album (can’t even begin to express just _how_ much), but I’ve always thought it had one of the worst covers the Bards ever allowed to happen, if not _the_ worst. Not exactly as bad as the one (dis)gracing Hanging in the Balance by Metal Church (rly, a superb record in every aspect save for that atrocity – and the band had thought a couple years before that that their Human Factor cover was weird! at least that one had a photo that was rather easy on the eyes)…
And apparently there are people out there who like the ANATO cover.

That reminds me that one of my fanart plans is to finally make decent covers for the records I like. To spare meself the horror while looking at the media player screen, y’know.

One more reason to survive June, again.


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