more reasons to survive June

The Bards are releasing their 3CD live opus July 7th – I counted seven tracks written after the “Live 2003” one was released, which is not bad. Although I was hoping for The Curse of Fëanor and Miracle Machine, at the very least – since, to be honest, of course, Blind Guardian do not _need_ all those classics like Valhalla up there once again, but there is always label pressure, and probably fandom pressure from certain parts thereof.

Well, there is always the bonus track paradigm *rolls eyes*. I just hope they aren’t going to sneak anything interesting on the vinyl edition because I am not buying vinyl, period. I am not _that_ old or tr00-n-olesk00l, y’know.

*eyes the FLAC download section of the Nuclear Blast website* You’d better get it there on time, folks.

…and yes probably iTunes too because it may well carry the booklet and NB doesn’t seem to bother.


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