there’s that band called…

…Nightmare, which was technically formed in the 1980s.

It’s a French band.

But you won’t ever tell either of these facts if you just listen to some of their latest stuff.

First, the only link between the original and the current line-ups is the bass player.

Next, currently they play a mix of melodeath and American power metal.

Right now they’re fronted by the amazing Belgian singer Magali “Maggy” Luyten, who is something of a female Chuck Billy: one of the few aggressive melodic singers who seamlessly blend in growling (not screaming) into their style. Moreover, same as Chuck, she doesn’t flip into head voice that often. Her tessitura obviously sits higher than that of Chuck’s, but hers is still a voice that some mistake for that of a dude’s.

You can kinda tell I adore her =)

Her older stuff ranges from similarly heavy Virus IV to a Europower collaboration with Helloween’s Uli Kusch in the form of the Beautiful Sin project, with proggy stuff like Ayreon inbetween. And she even records some pop rock covers for fun.


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