don’t you just HATE the institution of bonus tracks?!

Incentive, yeah yeah yeah. Wait enough, and a compilation will pop up containing everything you ever wanted. Umm no, not all the time.

No idea if there was an overseas digital release of this edition or not, but iTunes Russia doesn’t carry it, and it is frustrating. Because hell, just listen to this song and tell me it’s not awesome.

See, I buy digital music not only because I’m a cheapskate. Hell, there is stuff that I bought digitally but without the benefit of regional pricing. I prefer digital because it doesn’t wear out and doesn’t take up much physical space. If I had to have all my music as CDs, I would need an extra room just for those.

Physical media also has to be delivered physically, y’know. It’s one thing to walk into a store and walk out with something, but ordering anything… I don’t want to play this game anymore.



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