gods save us

While they are not anywhere near as big as some of the other examples on the page. In The Witcher, Geralt has two large swords (one is silver designed for taking out monsters). NPCs will often comment on this, such as one random NPC suggesting one could double as an oar, and a prostitute asking if he is compensating for anything. Geralt is a Witcher however, meaning he is inhumanly strong, making such a weapon more practical, and swords not made for Witchers are small enough to be hung on the waist.
It’s not his strength that’s superhuman, it’s his reflexes. He doesn’t have any problem wielding a huge sword because being made of meteorite iron it’s lighter than any regular blade.

Source:TV Tropes

I don’t even know where to start laughing I’m so busy weeping.

It’s the same situation as in the TES fandom, with all those people saying that the games are 275% canon so there cannot be 7000 steps towards High Hrothgar because the game has fewer so the lore is a legend… but this time the lore actually predates the games by at least a decade – I keep forgetting which novel exactly the sihill appears in, but it was written in the 90s, and the dimensions are very specific. It’s a meter long, handle included. It’s a dwarven sword, y’know. And Geralt is clearly used to the dimensions. In 2013 pan Sapkowski confirms this in Sezon Burz, giving basically the same params for actual witcher swords.

And meteorite iron, lighter than “any regular blade”… omg.

PS A witcher is four times as strong and ten times as fast as a non-mutated human. Straight from the books, again. Heck, against humans Geralt doesn’t need much more than a stick.


2 thoughts on “gods save us

  1. Meter long blades are really pretty typical, when you get down to it…neither too long, to move the sword to the ‘two handed’ or ‘bastard’ category nor so short it is a ‘short’ sword.

    1. In this case, the whole sword is a meter long, basically the blade itself is 3/4 of the sword and the handle is the remaining 25 cm. I saw similar swords used by reenactors/Renfaire folks in photos, but if you try to look up books and the like, this blade/handle ratio seems rare.

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