misleading product descriptions…

…are my biggest pet peeve when it comes to hobbyist 3D stores.

There are all those “shaders” that are not shaders but shader presets – “materials” would be the best name actually, had Poser not messed with everyone’s minds. And now there is a new kid on the block: a “custom morph” which is in fact a dial.

Check this character out, for instance: the description clearly says “custom morphs”. But if you open the readme (thankfully, it’s only one click away on a Rendo product page), you will find the official DAZ morphs listed as a requirement. Moreover, there are no files listed as supplied in the data folder – and this is where real custom morphs reside.

I hope this won’t become common.

Not that I cared for new characters at all, but for the sake of newer users, y’know.




4 thoughts on “misleading product descriptions…

  1. Guilty. I’m guilty of calling them shaders, even though I know I’m wrong. And it is annoying. I have bought a few “shaders” on the assumption that they would somehow be better than the standard DS ones, only to find they are a slight reworking of DS ones, just with some texture maps thrown in.

    1. Yup, exactly. It’s misleading, and misleading your customers is a damn irresponsible thing to do when you’re running a niche business like DAZ does.

  2. It’s just marketing speak…

    To me a custom morph is one made upon request…usually by sculpting and importing…which of course, results in a dial.

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