what a gem

Not sure if anyone here knows Znöwhite, but they were an amazing band. When the band just formed, there were three black dudes, and they were a metal band already, even though metal on the whole was rather wimpy in 1982. And they had a female singer called Nicole Lee – who was white, but a female singer was rather uncommon in metal at that time, y’know.

It did take them a couple of years to develop into this unstoppable war machine – their first couple of EPs showcase this progression – but starting from around 1986, they were playing probably the best thrash metal there was at the time. Their only full-length, Act of God, was released in 1988, then Nicole quit, they hired Debbie Gunn of Sentinel Beast fame (and she may have also sung for Ice Age briefly, but I’m just not about to google it, okay?), but Ms Gunn was simply no match for Nicole, so basically that’s how the story ended.

And here is some rare live footage with Nicole on vox!


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