since DAZ3D decided to be so nice to me…

…and offered me a selection of one item free from a list that included Carrara 8.5 Pro…

I did buy a couple of other things off my wishlist (with nice discounts, of course). But this was unexpected.

Given that I’m still half sick and still have a load of paid work to finish ASAP, I used this newly found joy to relax a bit between sessions of typing stuff down like a maniac.

Good ole V4 (not sure which Perfect V4 version should work in Carrara – if any does; Genesis should work in 8.5, but that’s for later). Amy Elite maps. Materials based on Indigone’s old freebie that is unsurpassed as far as I’m concerned, with highlights driven by Sparrowhawke3D’s free EdgeFalloff shader that seems to work fine with GI in C8.5. The scene is one of the Interior presets (Afternoon, I think), but I adjusted the sky (and killed the ambient because it’s not required with GI, really), added a tube light as the key light and moved the parts around a bit. Of course I turned gamma correction on. The hair is Diomede’s Egypt model with some adjustments in draping and materials.

The camera has a bit of DoF enabled – this isn’t the true correct raytraced DoF because it’s slow as hell in Carrara unfortunately; it’s a purely postprocess effect, albeit built-in, but hey, not bad IMO.

And yes, a lot of why I did this was reassuring myself that it shouldn’t matter which software I am using at the moment. Although Indigone’s SSS settings seem to be the pinnacle of using SSS in Carrara – it’s really a black box, and I haven’t been able to improve much on her params. I do tweak the colour, intensity and Fresnel a little, but anything too drastic breaks the shader completely.



9 thoughts on “since DAZ3D decided to be so nice to me…

    1. I don’t know how important formal qualifications are over there – but supposing getting a job doesn’t require a matching degree, you could try to apply for a job that involves graphics, I guess?

      1. I can think of few things I could enjoy more than moving into graphics. This said, I have a few things against me. In Australia qualifications are everything. If I even wanted to be a road worker holding the stop/slow sign I would have to undertake a day-long course at a local technical college. However, in Australia it is also possible to be “over-qualified”. Strange thought, eh? You would think that employers want the best possible workers. But here in Australia they don’t. Instead they want workers who are qualified just enough. Hence they can give them the lowest possible wage for the job but also meet all legal and contractual obligations required for the position. With 4 university degrees and a background in senior management I am apparently almost unemployable except for senior positions and I am having no luck with them. I have applied for a number of web and graphics roles, but am not even getting interviews. Even roles that I could do with my eyes shut. The other thing against me is my age. I am in my 50s. I have been advised to disguise this by shortening my job history on my resume. :(

        1. Oh my, I guess those day-long courses in sign holding aren’t exactly free, are they? So they’re creating extra income for those colleges. Otherwise I can’t possibly think of how to justify this.
          The thing that employers want to pay the lowest possible way is likely to (unfortunately) hold true all over the world – though in many countries it can happen regardless of your qualifications.
          If you aren’t required to start your CV/bio/whatever papers you send out to prospective employers over there, that trick might well work. I also heard about “tailoring” job histories to fit the position you’re applying for (only listing the most relevant ones).
          Is freelance not a viable option, if all else fails? Not a business, just your basic freelance gigging.

          1. Thanks. Yep. I’m looking for freelance work now. Writing or art.

            I have working on my resume. Customising it as required. I think I scares a lot of potential employers.

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