happy new 2017, y’all

What could be possibly better to greet Jan 5th 2017 than a lovely live rendition of  a 2004 track by the Canadian female fronted power metal band Forgotten Tales, likely named after Blind Guardian’s quirky “best of”/”rare tracks”/”let’s play acoustic versions of our stuff” 1996 CD .

This one is also acoustic. Sonia is a wonderful singer, with loads of resonance, range and power to her expressive voice that delivers in clean and aggressive modes equally well.

If you are interested, the album was called “All the Sinners” and you can stream it whole off youtube. There is the electric original to be found on it, along with other beautiful tracks. It is also available on iTunes, so no excuse not to buy it, supposing you enjoy the music =)


2 thoughts on “happy new 2017, y’all

  1. Yep…great vocals.

    I used to work with a singer like her. It was a joy to work with her, because it was a lot easier on me and I wasn’t constantly riding the levels and tweaking everything else.

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