wonders and insights, they say

It’s Greg who kindly called me “wonderful and insightful” recently, so a fox gotta comply. So, the wonder and the insight for today is that there is a singer out there who is almost as good as Hansi Kürsch and does not take a decade between album releases. If you are a 275% loyal die-hard Blind Guardian fan, you obviously know who that is. If you aren’t…

Meet Piet Sielck, former Blind Guardian sound engineer and backing vocalist. A singer, a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter, whose band Iron Savior has been steadily releasing quality Teutonic power metal stuff for, well, twenty years.

And let’s be frank… I wish Piet would come back to the Twilight Hall and produce Blind Guardian records instead of Herr Bauerfeind. He’s proven his worth with Iron Savior. Some will complain about Iron Savior production as well, but it’s still infinitely better than BG/Bauerfeind recordings out of the box.

Either way, Piet is unstoppable. You know I don’t like non-classical male singers much. I love Piet Sielck. Consider this a recommendation.

Speaking of actual music, Iron Savior are damn consistent re:their output. It’s ultra-melodic and fast; it doesn’t break new ground the way Blind Guardian are always poised to do, but it doesn’t grow stale and old either. Enjoy a couple of 2016 tunes.

Duets and other collaborations! Where would we be without them? The debut Iron Savior record had this lovely song, where Hansi sings quite a lot (c’mon, you can tell their voices apart) and Kai Hansen plays the guitar.


2 thoughts on “wonders and insights, they say

  1. :)

    Under Siege resonated with me. There was somethin almost retro about the arrangement. Loved it. :)

    I should perhaps also elaborate upon my comment “wonderful and insightful”. You are highly intelligent and sometimes that blows me away when you make observations about things that I have not previously deeply considered. I need more of that from others. I also think that you are very creative and that brings me pleasure. I also think that you are fearlessly yourself – something that no many people are brave enough to be. Your music tastes are mostly different to mine – so you expose me to new experiences there. And you are clever (I consider that different to intelligent, because clever has practical application). And you are friendly to me online :)

    So you are wonderful :)



    1. Yeah, Piet Sielck has that “retro” (“retro SF” ;))) vibe going on sometimes.
      Thank you, Greg, but I guess I am just Russian. I may be better educated than an average denizen of planet Earth, which enables me to see connections that aren’t always evident (especially because I have a different cultural perspective), but there are people out there who are truly intelligent, and I’m not one of them, same with being “creative” (half the time I’m not even sure I know what “creative” really means! LOL). Clever, yes, I guess it fits much better – but again, it’s a Russian thing; Slavic countries do that to you.

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