Some things are just wrong. Period.

Like cashing in on someone else’s ideas. Not because you made a deal with them, no, but behind their backs.

You’d think celebrity likenesses for sale were bad enough – there are many reasons why these are a problem (for one, supposing you have no idea this is a celebrity and wind up inadvertently cosplaying a fan by using the character in your renders…).

But copying game assets, now that is beyond cheeky.

Poor CDPR – their Wiedźmin designs have long been ripped off by Poser/DS content providers. 

The latest DAZ newsletter shows the main render off this promo of a recent V7 character – and I didn’t even need to load the full store page to say, “Damn, this gotta be Ciri”. 
That telltale say-hello-to-Eskel scar. 

And yeah, here she goes, TW3!blonde hair, bastardized “Celtic” an’all.
// The book!Ciri’s specific hair colour has actually long been a subject of debate – we Russians, for instance, think that “ash” has the colour of actual ash, y’know; and even Poles can’t seem to agree what pan Sapkowski truly had in mind //

The vendor is French, IIRC; they have no qualms about releasing a clone of TW3!Geralt, same as leaving their promo text proofreading to DAZ, who have never been historically good about it. 

But there is something I find even more offensive than design ripoffs.

It’s promoting ignorance re:linguistic heritage of Europe.

There is no “Celtic translation” or anything! Celtic is not a single language, it’s a group of languages!

And I hate it when people with ordinary linguistic skills try messing with spelling. It just turns out ugly. Yes pan Sapkowski himself did mess with Gaelic and the like to create his “Elder speech”, but pan Sapek is a consummate pro with languages.



6 thoughts on “Some things are just wrong. Period.

  1. “Celtic is not a single language, it’s a group of languages!”
    – none of which would allow this few letters in a name…

    This is weird. Could’ve been more or less understandable with game two, but TW3 was HUGE, wasn’t it? Were they hoping no one would notice? Forgive me my stereotyping, that is a very French thing to do, BUT STILL.

    “Gwenbleiz (Celtic for White Wolf) is a lonesome hunter wandering wild countries seeking adventures and monsters to slay.” you don’t say, eh? Is it a rabbit hole to sweet 90s, the land of badly pirated content with copyright-escaping-but-not-really titles?

    P.S. hi =) I’m moving in soon.

    1. Hi love =) Do comment when you’re done building your new fortress.

      I don’t know what they are thinking. I don’t know why DAZ allows this sort of thing in their store. And the vendor isn’t even trying to hide it’s all 279% fan art – check out this one; at least it’s free so ethically acceptable:

      At least it’s not as ugly as the first “white wolf” character (the RDNA store is in death throes, so no link to the beyond-ugly promos, only Michele’s render here:

      There was another offence, but it was a mild one. Xurge runs his own shop, and he only made the outfit and sort of added some of his own style to it, so it’s passable (but of course I don’t like it that the character modeling the outfit is also somewhat on the fanart side: )

      1. I found the only comment indicating it’s fan art in any way, and then I saw it was you x)

        The White Wolf render looks as if Geralt has lost bets to all his friends at once.

        …and NOT A SINGLE MENTION! Not an “inspired by”, no, nothing.

        I bet the horned helmet from the Xurge header image is not credited either. And I’m pretty sure some of those “tactical suits” have distinctive features of ones from popular games.

        Was under impression that the 3d community and gamers, especially those gravitating toward RPG, overlap quite a bit? How is this even a thing?

        1. Lost bets, exactly lol

          No idea. There is a load of older people, though, who don’t realize where that stuff comes from (Michele told me she didn’t when she got that white wolf dude – to be honest, I don’t know what could compel anyone to buy that set unless they knew who it was supposed to be and wanted to do fanart, those promos were uuuuuugly).
          I guess nobody really pointed this mess out to any game studio. Which I’m actually tempted to do in the case of that French dude, y’know. I’m not the community’s most beloved member anyway.

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