you know I dislike it…

…when kids are turned into entertainers. This is an article written by a classical voice teacher who explains why it’s not exactly a good thing from the voice production PoV.

You could say I collect those references because I wasn’t able to carry a tune in a bucket between ages 8 and 25, and so I’m just jealous of those “gifted kids”. Well.

First of all, I used to be a different sort of a “gifted kid”. Not a glamorous one, the academic sort thereof. Either way, it’s emphatically NOT FUN.

Then… well yes, my voice used to be impossible to control at all. It’s what you get when your voice is designed to be unusually low for your sex, and so it breaks when it physiologically sort of shouldn’t, so nobody is prepared for it and understands what is going on… and you have no good voice teachers around.

There is a lady my age, with a similarly heavy voice, who apparently did have a good teacher. She’s Petra Mauria (now Gargano) of the Finnish band Tiktak. In the video below, she’s fourteen.

Yes. She does sound much more adult than that.

Still, she never belted like crazy.

Here’s a 2013 live version of one of her solo singles, so that you could hear how her voice aged (quite well IMO, but her solo stuff tends to be boring music-wise; this is one of the better tracks):

And for fun, here she is duetting with Ari Koivunen on a Bon Jovi cover in 2008.

Ari is a dude. But I’m fairly sure his voice never broke. He’s the one with straight hair, in case you have trouble telling who is who. He is about a year older than she is.


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