they did it again…

…half a band this time, and the song ain’t theirs, but hey, they always deliver.

Blind Guardian (Hansi and Marcus, to be specific) found themselves doing a yet another game soundtrack, and this time it’s something way more original than the second instalment of Sacred – The Dwarves is a game based on a German fantasy novel.

My “to be played” pile is a bit too long ATM, so I haven’t yet been able to justify buying the game at release (even though it’s been wishlisted since being in dev). But if you are looking for something colourful and story-driven, then by all means get it. Here’s the GOG link again.

And here’s the music =)

It has an orchestra, a choir and no Charlie Bauerfeind in sight. We’ve been blessed.

Don’t know if you can get it on iTunes outside Russia yet (not here as of right now), but supposing you do get the game, the soundtrack is here for a few extra $$.


6 thoughts on “they did it again…

  1. That song sure has a wide variety of vocal ‘styles’ in it…shows off his versatility. Game looks interesting, too. I like that it has a Linux native version, already. Too bad it won’t fit on my puny 1 GB video card, though…

        1. And it’s still only a subset of those skills =) What I call “heroic midrange”.
          You know, there do exist a few other metal vocalists who could compare to Hansi in terms of technique, expression and versatility, but their biggest problems are that either the songs they perform are simplistic, or their albums take ten years to record. BG with their 5 year gaps are somewhat on a schedule, and they have their live recordings (and official festival streams), and Hansi keeps on guesting around all the time (and generally chooses quality material to perform on, too).
          Have you checked out this year’s Wacken, BTW? It’s on youtube, too. This time it was a great performance, and their “Wacken curse” had been lifted (Hansi wasn’t sick when they played it).

          1. No I haven’t…need to go look at it.

            Yeah, it’s sad when you think about it. Hansi has to be one of the best vocalists performing, but tends to be overshadowed by others who don’t have half of his skill or talent but are just loud, obnoxious or some combination of both.

            1. True :((
              At least, the guys keep saying they are the top metal band in their native Germany. Not sure if they exclude Helloween or Avantasia from “metal”, or if they really do top those domestically… but they sure do chart well at home: BtRM was 4th in Germany, 8th in Austria and 10th in Switzerland. And it’s a crazy complex album, I don’t think it’s the music per se that carried it this high.

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