I never understood racial bias…

…but cultural bias is something I can well relate to, since it’s the only thing that really matters – it’s in the mind, which is the only meaningful part of a sentient creature.

I don’t care whether the rap /hip hop /r’n’b / whatever (that sort of global mainstream pop music with extremely limited melodic content and virtually no virtuosity on display, promoting remarkably shallow, sexist and aggressive values in their lyrics and overall performer/fan attitude) – I don’t care whether this phenomenon is endorsed by black, white or whatever colour people. It may be black in origin, but it’s so horrible that I don’t understand why black people do not make a point of denouncing it, since it definitely paints them in a very unfavourable light. 

Same goes for (neo)glam / sleaze / melodic rock / whatever (that sort of formerly global mainstream pop music with superficially emphasised melodic content, extremely limited in terms of harmony and rhythm, with the performance heavily focused on perceived virtuosity, promoting remarkably shallow, sexist and aggressive values in their lyrics and overall performer/fan attitude) – that very white thing that would definitely paint whites in an extremely unfavourable light, were it still mainstream.Thankfully, non-white performers and fans of this are beyond rare.

// both these abysses, though, most certainly have spawned a number of authentic artists, but these are far and few (and often are tragic heroes) //

There exist “progressively minded” people – those various activists. I only know the web-based part of them, since my offline life isn’t exactly conducive to forming social contacts outside work.

One of the most important things, to me, is to help support certain European music traditions, from songs of the troubadours to “female fronted metal”. These are all extremely non-mainstream things; they are very much threatened. 

But these traditions are white in origin. So it’s sort of customary among “progressively minded” folks to disregard them. And if you are dedicated to these cases, you may well get labeled ‘racist’. As if niche white cultures cannot die out, as if “white” is a magic preservative. But someone working in a mainstream genre, or in a popular medium (like comics even!), but “not white”, is considered “more worthy”.

It’s not like I am asking others to help me on my quest. It’s just that I’m being dissuaded, since my (limited) time and money could be “better used” for the benefit of stuff I don’t care for, but which better allies with the activists’ political agenda.

And at the same time, no activist apparently objects to that completely atrociously anti-scientific designation of “brown people” that often refers to people from India, who are as white as it gets!

While I think that disregarding hard scientific facts is exactly the reason why people(s) of the planet Earth keep on fighting.

To agree, we need something non-subjective, some sort of an external framework. The only thing that can provide an approximation of this “universal truth” is science.

Of course, science can be abused and impersonated. But still. It’s at least worth trying.

All in all, I’m extremely disillusioned.


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