those people are crazy


Starting school before 8AM?!

When I was at secondary school, our classes started at 8:15, and it was considered at least 15 mins early as compared with other schools in the neighborhood. The university I’m most familiar with starts classes at 8:30, and it’s also earlier than in many others. 

I wonder how much time it takes on average for US students to actually commute to their schools snd colleges. I lived ten mins on foot from the school and less than an hour combined underground and walking from the uni – but I’ve always been in the minority in that regard, especially when it comes to university students who may well need 2+ hours to get there. 


2 thoughts on “those people are crazy

  1. Band members start much earlier. :D High school marching band practice at 6:30, first official class at 7:40… also band, so we could have a good long practice. As for travel times, I went to many schools. Closest could be walked to in ten minutes. Farthest required fifty minutes school bus ride… unless you count the year I lived with my parents and commuted 45 minutes to university.

    1. In Russia, we don’t really have school bands. I know that those who train to become pro athletes/players can have practice sessions as early as 6 or even 5 AM, but then they rarely attend “normal” schools.
      I’m trying to figure out “proper” bedtime for these totally ungodly hours – 9 PM doesn’t seem to be right. Here schoolkids are supposed to go to bed at 9 PM (the nationwide children’s “Good night little ones” program ends at 9 PM).

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