Brotherhood of the Snake

This latest Testament album has been out for a few days already, but first I waited for iTunes Russia to fix the corrupt files supplied immediately on release (duh, I had it on pre-order), and then I was busy listening and thinking how to describe this brilliance.

You see, I can’t exactly put my finger on why BotS kinda pwns DRoE, the previous one, or even TFoD, the 2008 studio recording (the album that came before DRoE, yup). It’s still Testament. And they are even sort of quoting themselves…

But it’s their young selves they’re quoting, those who recorded the LPs of the late 80s/early 90s, filled with I daresay headbangingly fast tracks – which have been largely supplanted by a more mature and generally slower approach by now.

Not that it’s bad. Testament have always known how to pen a thrash ballad; and when they started experimenting with doom, death and atmospheric rock, it was all very interesting.

But to be honest, if you do go on doing the same experiment for too long, it stops being an experiment, right?

And this time, a “back to the roots” execution also comes with something new: a very subtle change in the way the guys deal with certain harmonic/melodic passages. Testament has always been a very melodic band, but they never really sounded “European”. And on this album, there are times when you wonder if they have been listening to too much Blind Guardian, y’know =)

Some of these moments are found in the second track, The Pale King, which blew me away the first time I heard it, with all those changes, discoveries and perpetual motion. And now they’ve released a video that fits the music perfectly!


4 thoughts on “Brotherhood of the Snake

    1. Makes sense =)
      I’ve been a fan since my mid-teens, Souls of Black was my first album (found it on a random pirated mp3 CD-ROM that were everywhere in Russia those days), and The Gathering was the next, on a normal CD already.

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