and it makes me wonder ™


Just how much of a typical white American Jon Bon Jovi really is?

Because if he and his dismissive attitude towards world culture (embodied here in the form of the one and only Soviet Russia, of course, since Russia is my only reality, so I’m an expert) is anyhow representative, it’s plain unnerving.

To think I wanted to marry the dude when I was twelve. 

The bottled water was very salty

It was mineral water, Jon dear. Something from the heart of the Caucasus mountains most likely, Georgian Borjomi or Russia’s own Narzan or Yessentuki. A drink with a gazillion health benefits. In the USSR, nobody in their sane mind would ever sell plain water – because nobody would buy it; it was good enough coming from the tap. Still is, in many places. The pipes are getting older, though, so plain bottled water is catching on, but not to the extent of the West yet.

And they didn’t have brooms. They’re trying to sweep out the stadium on the first night, and it was a bunch of sticks tied together

No brooms? Whaddayamean it’s not a broom?! And yes, this link leads to a webstore where you can buy these brooms. They are efficient and inexpensive. Every dvornik uses them.

This is the interview I found the quotes in – I was interested in the Richie thing, obviously (even when I wanted to marry Jon, I realised Richie blew him out of the water in each and every aspect, but hey, “love is evil” as we say in Russia). But these nuggets are too facepalm-worthy not to share.


2 thoughts on “and it makes me wonder ™

  1. I wouldn’t say ‘American’ so much as ‘city kid’…this is the same mindset that thinks all food comes from a store, prepackaged and ready to cook (or in most cases heat and eat). Not knowing a broom can be something other than plastic bristles affixed to a plastic head and slapped on a plastic handle by some robot in China isn’t solely something that affects Americans, although, I’d say it is definitely a very, very common thing here.

    The water thing…he should just keep his mouth shut. I’ve drank water from his hometown in New Jersey…I’ll take the Russian mineral water any day of the week, thank you very much.

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