so people of colour feel underrepresented…

…and stereotyped.

It’s not a good thing, right? People would frown upon ye if you wrote something implying that, say, people of African descent are usually involved in various scams.

But it’s apparently perfectly okay to write something like this: 

When a suspicious email comes in, you’ll be able to open the headers, look at the IP address of the sender, and see if it matches up with previous emails from the same person. You can even do a reverse lookup on the sender’s IP to see where it is—which may or may not be informative, but if you get an email from your friend across town that originated in Russia (and they’re not traveling), you know something’s up.


Or does the whole “no stereotyping” thing only protect Americans but not citizens of “lesser countries”? Is it okay to insult a whole nation like that?

Is it true that this BS about the USA being “exceptional”, “a country that must lead others” and Russia being some sort of an otherworldly evil existential threat (see Ms Clinton’s speech) is what the Americans really feel??

I mean … I know politicians lie. East or West. But this sort of rhetoric sounds quite delusional from the outside.

It’s basically Anakin/Vader’s Mustafar speech before Obi-Wan. 

Does anyone actually buy into it??

Emperor… I mean, President Putin does like himself some pompous talk. Same as many Russian leaders before him. But I haven’t heard a single speech that would proclaim any sort of Russian superiority over any other nation. Certainly every Russian leader says that Russia is “unique” and “special”; it has its own way of dealing with things. But isn’t it true for every nation? 

Okay, the US may be the world’s biggest economy at the moment (although I heard that China is at least catching up). And Russia has the biggest surface area. China definitely has the largest population. These are just facts. They don’t entitle anyone to anything.

If you’re saying your country is destined to lead others, it’s the same as saying your skin colour is that of a superior race. At least, according to impartial logic.

PS I hope nobody’s buying into the BS that Trump is spewing, either. He’s anything but “pro-Russian”. It’s all just a pose to annoy the other side. I hate it that these two are using the name of my country as a playing card in their dirty power struggle. 


21 thoughts on “so people of colour feel underrepresented…

  1. Stereotypes are just another wall to obscure the truth. When humanity no longer believes such nonsense and stops pigeon-holing one another, we’ll finally start to make some progress… maybe.

    I’m rather torn as to how I view America and Americans. It certainly seems, at times, that a percentage of Americans are still content to live in some version of the McCarthy era with regard to Russia and socialism. It also seems that, to these people, America has always got to have an enemy, and Russia has probably been its greatest one to date. The Cold War ended, but they can’t seem to let go. Sadly, there are people that are much the same where I live.

    As for the presidential election; it’s been nothing but a shitshow. And the way I see it, no matter who wins, America loses. The fact that Clinton and Trump are the best that America can do speaks (deafening) volumes. Unfortunately, it looks to me that the political situation in many countries around the world, including my own, is nothing but a joke. Over here, we’ve done nothing but alternate between voting one party in for twelve or so years, and then swapping to the other party. Rinse and repeat, seemingly ad nauseum. During the elections here I constantly hear the adage of “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.” The problem with such thinking is that either way, you’re voting for a devil. And I can’t help but feel we’ve had devils running our nations for far too long.

    Ultimately, maybe it just shows that there’s a lot of useful idiots out there.

  2. That article is working on a bit of outdated information.;..because, as far as I can tell, Russian servers are carrying a lot less of the spam/crapware traffic than they have in the past…oh maybe 10 years ago and before. It seems that legitimate traffic has proven much more profitable. Now that sort of traffic is more likely to come from SE Asia…

    Sometime between 2005 and 2010 the balance shifted…and the likelihood of it being hosted on a Russian server dropped to very low levels. Before then, it was somewhat true…except that there wasn’t that big of a gap between the first and second place ‘contestants’ in the race of ‘most scumbag scammers served’…that did belong to the USA.

      1. The reason it was so prevalent a decade or so ago was it was dirt cheap to buy space on Russian servers. Most of the spammers from back then were NOT Russian, but Russia got stuck with the reputation, because it was easy and cheap to get servers. In fact, some of the biggest ‘Russian’ spammers were Americans….how’s that for ‘irony’?

        1. Alanis should add some lyrics to that song, heh.
          You heard of the newest legislative monster here, about pan-Russian surveillance over citizens that may require the whole world’s storage space several times over if it ever gets implemented the way some idiots wanted it to be?

  3. American “exceptionalism” is not what I would call a “right wing thing”, it a matter of being egotistical assholes on both sides. Trump is an arrogant idiot and Clinton is an out and out socialist and this is the bullshit I and several members of my family defended this thankless country against.

    I’m almost embarrassed to call myself an American.

      1. That’s one of the biggest problems with her…nobody knows what she really stands for, and I’m pretty well convinced she doesn’t even know herself.

  4. I’m not sure that the spam article author meant “Putin” when they wrote “Russia”. It looks very much like a geographical reference. Why couldn’t they write something generic like “a suspicious third world country”?

  5. For me, and a large number of other Americans, in this context “Russia” means “Russian Government/Putin” and/or “Russian corrupt oligarchs” and not the average Russian just trying to get by. It’s shorthand for the games powerful and selfish people play at the expense of the rest of us.

    As for the American exceptionalism, not all Americans buy into that. It’s a primarily right wing thing.

    Trump is just pro-Trump; he isn’t capable of anything else.

      1. My sense is that sort of rhetoric is a calculated strategy on the part of non-right wing politicians because the right wing really does generate outrage about any perceived slight to their concept of patriotism.

        For instance, they get outraged by the lack of a flag pin on a male politician’s suit coat (only for the opposing political party of course.) They will rage about this lack of “patriotism” on media blogs and on the news for ages.

        They hate Obama for his so-called “apology tours,” which were nothing more than Obama acknowledging mistakes made by the US government. To the right wing, the US never makes mistakes and the US owes no one an apology, ever, even if our government wrecked a country.

        The right wing has a pathological hatred of the Clintons, especially Mrs. Clinton. Some twenty-five years worth of it! So I don’t think she’s throwing bones at the right wing as much as trying to avoid giving them even more fodder for their perpetual outrage machine.

        1. But wouldn’t this “self-preservation” adoption of this concept alienate her “non-right wing” voters?
          Either way, I don’t know how important and useful Mrs Clinton’s internal achievements are for the well-being of the American society, but when it comes to her attitude towards external affairs, she appears dangerous. Just remember how happy she was with the whole M.Gaddafi death. It’s really scary to look at, when you are outside the US. And I also saw her talking about how the US is going to save Europe from the clutches of Gazprom. I mean, rly.

            1. Hey, I’m sorry if I offended you – I didn’t mean to. I’m just trying to figure out what the US citizens think about the external politics of the US, and whether it matters at all when they (you) decide to actively support a candidate or not.

              1. Nah, I just tell myself not to talk this stuff because I’m so bad at it. I get easily frustrated and yell things like “that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” Which, obviously, isn’t a very persuasive argument…

                1. Alright =)
                  Still, could you please tell me what the actual voting is like? Do you get the chance to officially express your dislike for each of the candidates? In Russia, a few years ago we always had that “against everyone listed” checkbox, but then it was taken away =(((

                  1. Yes, there has always been an option for “write in” candidates. A few years back, I saw a picture of someone’s ballot where they’d written in “Lizard People.” o.O

                    1. “Write in”, now that’s awesome.
                      Hmm, I thought nobody wanted an alien reptile government, but looks like people might start thinking they’re “our only hope” LOL

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